NH Logistics has ample experience working as Importer of Record IOR / Exporter of Record EOR in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Moldova.

For your clinical trials it may be needed to import items such as medicines, mobile phones, tablets, laptop computers or other devices. NH Logistics can take care of the entire logistics process for you and help you ensure that your clinical trial becomes a success. We can arrange everything from collection of your devices, export Customs clearance, international freight, import Customs clearance (temporary import or permanent import), act as IOR, arrange conformity certification and FSB Notifications if required, and deliver to your clinical trials partner in the countries that we serve. We work fully transparent and compliant.

When the clinical trial has ended, of course NH Logistics can also take care of the collection and return of your devices.

Clinical trials can be difficult to manage, with products distributed over a wide network on a tight schedule. NH Pharma Logistics offers expert support for clinical trials logistics, helping you run successful trials without any transportation issues. We have in-depth processes to meet your needs while providing excellent delivery service and customer support.

NH Pharma Logistics has mastered the art of pharmaceutical logistics. Our logistics solutions ensure your products are stored, handled and transported safely and securely.

Over the years, we developed logistics solutions to meet the individual needs of each of our partners. We understand that no two projects are the same. Our work is not finished until your products have arrived safely, securely and on time.

We work with knowledge and understanding, aware of the responsibility to correctly handle and deliver pharmaceutical products. Our team includes experts in cold chain management and controlled ambient shipments.

NH Pharma Logistics offers you professional distribution solutions that comply with guidelines for good distribution practices (GDP). Through standard operating procedures and training programs, NH Pharma Logistics provides its employees with critical knowledge about GDP requirements. As a result, our team members have a very solid understanding of key legislation in force around the world.

This expertise allows us to offer a full array of distribution services that respect the integrity of the pharmaceutical supply chain from your door to your customer’s door. What’s more, we are well aware of the challenge involved in shipping products that are sensitive to temperature changes.

More specifically, we handle:

  • air shipments inside Russia and the CIS countries covering a wide range of temperatures, from frozen to refrigerated and ambient
  • active and passive temperature control equipment
  • refrigerated options for ground shipments with our own temperature controlled delivery vehicles when the quantity and nature of your product require a longer transit period

NH Pharma Logistics makes sure your pharmaceutical products are transported legally, safely and with transparency! We are fully committed to respecting pharmaceutical industry constraints and standards using a variety of affordable, cutting-edge options.

We transport your most precious shipments. And we don’t take that responsibility lightly. We monitor the safety and integrity of your product proactively. With solutions ranging from temperature controlled ground transport to Next Flight Out, we plan for contingencies. You can rest assured knowing you are in the hands of an NH Pharma Logistics expert.

An unbroken temperature chain is essential to both patient safety and product success—and it demands flawless execution in everything from the transport route selected to how the packaging is evaluated, validated and used to maintain product integrity across all conditions. The temperature control logistics are taken care of.

We ensure the integrity of products during transport as it is a critical requirement of any client, and NH Pharma Logistics is perfectly positioned to deliver your shipments safely and securely.

Our services include:

  • Local contacts and ample experience with government agencies and programs to reduce the chance of penalties and delays
  • Wide-ranging knowledge and experience to help clear shipments as quickly as possible
  • A focus on healthcare compliance to meet all regulations and to minimize risk

Clinical Trial Supply Chain Solutions

NH Pharma Logistics track record with time-sensitive deliveries gives you peace of mind throughout the transportation and logistics process. We leverage a wide spectrum of logistics resources and expertise to ensure your clinical trials run smoothly and according to plan. Partnering with NH Pharma Logistics for clinical trials comes with benefits such as:

  • On-time delivery
  • Convenient Delivery Windows
  • Easy Returns Process and Inventory Transfers

Working with pharmaceutical products requires a strong commitment to shipment security. We take the safety and tracking of your products seriously, offering end-to-end supply-chain features and security.

Sample Distribution

Sample distribution is complicated. NH Pharma Logistics maintains support during the shipment lifecycle with high-level customer service during transit. We give you constant insight into the whereabouts of your shipments, along with various service-level options and additional post-delivery services such as:

  • Specialized Pharmaceutical Division
  • Dedicated Tracking Team
  • Complete, 24/7 Shipment Visibility
  • Customized Reporting
  • Delivery Appointment Scheduling
  • Service Level Flexibility

Rely on NH Pharma Logistics for reliable and efficient logistics management for sample distribution and clinical trials shipping while benefitting from many years of experience and excellent support.

Our company is currently preparing for assessment under Good Distribution Practices GDP. We expect to be GDP certified by the end of 2020.

Some reasons why you should work with us:

  • Active in Russia and the CIS since 2001
  • We speak your language, Russian, English, German, Dutch
  • Own entities in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Moldova
  • Our specialists understand very well the Russian requirements and the international standards
  • We will help you to obtain permissions / approvals required
  • Our staff is flexible and customer-oriented
  • NH Logistics will consult you and offer you the best solution according to your needs
  • We will provide you with all necessary assistance and support through our Russian and CIS offices
  • Our staff is friendly and will help you to solve your challenges with pleasure!

We are trusted by international companies since 2001

We are here to support you!

You can place an inquiry through info@nh-logistics.com to receive an initial consultation.