Service Parts Logistics and Forward Stocking

NH Logistics is an experienced provider of service parts logistics and forward stocking locations in Russia and 6 other CIS countries, offering complete solutions for mission-critical warehousing. Without exception, our customers find these services crucial for meeting Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with their end customers. Customers often work with SLAs with time spans of as little as 60 minutes. Few logistics or shipping companies have the resources and knowledge needed to help their customers perform to that level in Russia and the CIS. None can do it with the efficiency of NH Logistics. It’s about a lot more than same day delivery. It’s about having the right resources and people in place – people who care.

International clients require distribution to be designed and executed on a local level, in the regional time zone, by partners who are familiar with local distribution patterns, Customs protocols and overall regulatory requirements.

In Eurasia, NH Logistics employs a trusted team of local, experienced trade and compliance experts who ensure compliance with the Eurasian region’s complex trade compliance laws through rigorous preparation even before a shipment departs. NH Logistics offers exceptional service throughout the Eurasian region from its Head office in the Netherlands.

Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Moldova and Belarus are examples of emerging markets in eastern European and in the Eurasian region that have significant barriers for entry. NH Logistics works diligently with their own offices in these markets to navigate local cultures, languages and Customs requirements. When designing country-specific solutions, strict compliance is a non-negotiable must for all NH Logistics clients anywhere in the world.

NH Logistics is highly specialized and completely focused on Russia and the CIS countries (Eurasia) offering small-scale multiclient operations through their own offices and warehouses.

We keep small storage spaces at each of our locations and, combined with our IOR/EOR capabilities, are the ideal partner for companies who need solutions in Russia and the CIS.

NH Logistics offers extended operating hours in order to meet same day shipping deadlines.

Our expanding network will soon cover all CIS countries.

Reverse Logistics and temporary export/import of products to facilitate repairs in other countries are also offered.

The importer of record IOR is the entity responsible for:

  • Making sure that imported goods are compliant with local laws and regulations
  • Completing the required documents such as the Customs declaration and other related documents
  • Payment of the duties, Customs fees, VAT and other applicable taxes
  • Because Import regulations vary from country to country and the regulatory environment of Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other CIS states is diverse and complex, the IOR may often have more responsibilities than in other jurisdictions.

We offer compliant, affordable solutions for businesses looking to import goods into our region but who do not have a direct presence; through NH Logistics you can import your products and provide after sales support service to your clients in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Moldova.

The website of Russian Customs is a useful resource:

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Some reasons why you should work with us:

  • Active in Russia and the CIS since 2001
  • We speak your language, Russian, English, German, Dutch
  • Own entities in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Moldova
  • Our specialists understand very well the Russian requirements and the international standards
  • We will help you to obtain permissions / approvals required
  • Our staff is flexible and customer-oriented
  • NH Logistics will consult you and offer you the best solution according to your needs
  • We will provide you with all necessary assistance and support through our Russian and CIS offices
  • Our staff is friendly and will help you to solve your challenges with pleasure!

We are trusted by international companies since 2001

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