We developed a concept to support Clients with the e-fulfillment of their transactions in Russia.

Our company can receive shipments for private individuals and companies in Russia and take care of certification, Customs clearance, sorting and labelling and ensuring that shipments get to your clients by means of selected delivery companies or the Russian Post. We also facilitate return shipments.

To enable you to keep stock in Russia, NH Logistics can act as importer of record. Keeping stock in Russia reduces the delivery times to your clients considerably of course.

Our Services

NH Logistics is specialized in the execution of small-scale projects. This may involve for example Customs clearance, certification, storage, packing and shipping of spare parts.

But we also undertake fulfillment services for international webshops which (want to) sell in Russia.

Furthermore, we serve international market research companies which want to test products with Russian consumers.

We Guarantee Our Work

At NH Logistics, we have a strong track record in Russia going back to 2001, which means we will quickly and carefully fulfil your instructions each and every time. And with our fulfillment guarantee clients can be assured knowing that, in the rare case we do make a mistake, we will make it right.

Since the beginning, we have fully understood the critical role we play as an extension of our clients’ businesses. For that reason, we continuously strive for optimum performance. Because we know the difference that it can make for your business.


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    We are trusted by international companies since 2001

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