Export of rare drugs from the EAEU may be banned due to COVID-19

The Eurasian Economic Commission (ECE) may introduce a ban on the export of critical medicines from the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, RIA Novosti reported.

The plan of the Russian government to ensure sustainable economic development in the context of the coronavirus says that the ban will also affect medical equipment and materials, protective and hygiene products.

It is assumed that the corresponding decision of the Government of the Russian Federation will be adopted by March 25, and the decision of the EEC Council by April 15. The Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Federal Customs Service have been appointed responsible executors from the Russian side.

On Thursday, the ECE press service announced that an interim coordinating council had been set up within the commission to monitor the situation with the coronavirus and develop rapid response measures. It is supposed that it will help the EAEU states in the fight against the virus, and will also become a platform for developing concerted actions and recommendations for protecting public health.