Why not make NH Logistics part of your Go To Market Strategy?

Your company spends a lot of resources on developing a go to market strategy, a tactical action plan that outlines the steps necessary to succeed in a new market or with a new customer. It can apply to pretty much anything, from launching new products and services, to re-launching your company or brand, or even moving a current product into a new market.

Distribution is a very important part of your Go To Market Strategy. How and where will you distribute your product?
More specifically, when customers are interested in buying from you, how will you make that happen? Is it a physical product in a store (if so, how do you get it there)? Is it on your own ecommerce site or a third party?

NH Logistics has extensive experience importing products into difficult markets. We take care of everything necessary to bring your product to your Customers. NH Logistics can act as your IOR (Importer of Record), take care of certification, transportation, last mile and also we offer FSL (Forward Stocking Locations) to our Clients.
We are one of the few companies which acquired extensive knowledge and experience trading in Russia and the CIS countries. Already since 2001.
NH Logistics now has entities in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Uzbekistan. Adding more countries every year.

We can be your neutral, professional, local partner!