One of the major obstacles when doing business in Eurasia is how to deliver your goods to your Eurasian clients from a foreign country in an efficient and effective way.
This proves to be a challenge for many exporters, especially in the initial phase when you try to build your business.

If the shipment is small or has a low value, the costs for Customs clearance and certification are relatively high and that could easily spoil your deal.

If speedy delivery is required, the only way to guarantee this is to keep local stock in Eurasia as certification and Customs clearance can take many days.

However, without having your own entity in Eurasia, this may prove impossible.

NH Logistics offers you the option to keep stock in Eurasia without having your own entity.

Our company can act as Importer of Record on your behalf.

Goods can be stored on our territory too, where we have clean, heated and secure storage space available.
We can keep all kinds of goods, except for hazardous materials.

Using our services will enable you to bring larger shipments to Eurasia, decreasing the overall costs for Customs clearance and certification.

It will also enable you to deliver goods to your clients rapidly, without delays caused by Customs clearance and/or certification.

This option is very suitable if you need to keep stock of spare parts in Eurasia for warranty repairs or other urgent deliveries.

Also, it allows you for example to keep stock for an internet shop which operates in Eurasia.

NH Logistics will take care of all operational and administrative tasks.

Alena Erokhova