Do you want to import or export goods to Azerbaijan? Need business advice on freight customs clearance? Specialists from NH Logistics will undertake the duties cost calculation, documents’ preparation, filling out declarations.

Azerbaijan Customs Clearance procedure

The foreign exporter needs a local representative. In other words, a customs broker.

At the border transport waits in line for no more than a day. Contact NH Logistics specialists to find out which businesses type can use the “green corridor”. This means to go through customs under a simplified system. It is only necessary to fill out a short electronic tax return.

The standard customs clearance procedure in Azerbaijan includes:

  • Company’s registration as a participant in foreign economic activity.
  • Declaration’s registration in electronic form.
  • Necessary documents’ coordination in the customs functional departments.
  • Goods’ value assessment and duties payment.
  • Cargo’s inspection by customs representatives.
  • Providing reporting documents to the tax office.

If the documents are not fully collected, the customs service rejects the request.

Changes in Azerbaijan customs 2018

In connection with the repair at the refinery, 0 interest rate on gasoline imports was introduced. In addition, the excise rate fell from 200 manat to 1. The new conditions are valid until the year’s end.

In October of this year excise taxes on alcohol increased. Depending on the alcohol’s type, the tax rate growth was 15-20%.

Since September 5, increased tariffs on the cars’ importation. An exception is the transit customs procedure. For all other prices entered at the level of:

  • For cars with a cost of up to 1000 manats the fee is 15 manats.
  • Goods within 10000 manats are subject to a duty of 60 manats.
  • In the range of 10000-50000 manats – 120 manats.
  • 50000-100000 manats – the tax is 200 manats.

NH Logistics Services

The company’s specialists analyze your business and offer the most profitable solutions. In addition to business consulting, we offer:

  • Freight cost estimate.
  • Making insurance.
  • Customs duties preliminary calculation.
  • The necessary documents’ preparation.
  • Customs clearance with all taxes payment.
  • Filling out the declaration.

NH Logistics also offers its customers the DDP shipping service. And if your deliveries volumes are large, it is advantageous to transfer the entire logistics to outsourcing.
Professionals at NH Logistics have been involved in customs clearance for more than 16 years. Contact us to avoid costly mistakes and time-consuming.