Is your company exporting goods to Belarus? NH Logistics will help to pass customs clearance on the most favorable terms! Our experts will offer individual conditions for each business’ type.

Belarus customs – changes in fees 2018

On October 25 the tariff for petroleum products export increased. This applies only to products exported outside the Eurasian Economic Union customs territory:

  • Crude oil is $ 137.5 per ton.
  • Straight-run gasoline – $ 75.6.
  • Commodity gasoline – $ 39-41.2.
  • Light and medium distillates – $ 41.2.

Since September 2 interest rates on industrial fatty alcohols’ and cashew nuts’ imports have been zeroed. Until that time the duty on these goods was 5% of the customs value. Both measures will be valid until August 31, 2021.

Belarus Customs Clearance Procedure

You must provide the following documents:

  • Customs declaration.
  • Foreign economic contract.
  • Packing list.
  • Unloading act.
  • CMR.
  • Tir.
  • Invoice showing the cargo’s characteristics.
  • Transaction passport.
  • Quality and compliance certificates.
  • Payment order.

The exporter independently calculates and pays the duties. If the wrong goods’ classification is chosen or the amount is calculated with an error, a refusal to pass the border will follow. NH Logistics specialists have customs clearance experience for over 16 years! Therefore, we guarantee the filling out declarations correctness and the duties calculations accuracy.

This is followed by a mandatory customs inspection. This stage is only skipped if the cargo is carried through the republic territory in transit.

Simplified Belarus customs

For countries participating in the Customs Union are allowed to undergo customs clearance at their border. When entering Belarus it is enough to submit the relevant documents.

NH Logistics Services

Our company is engaged in business consulting on the Belarusian customs passage. We work with cargo from Europe, Asia, CIS countries. Experts from NH Logistics:

  • Organize multimodal shipping to/from Belarus.
  • Provide DDP delivery.
  • Engaged in cost estimation and insurance freight.
  • Pick up reliable carriers.
  • Develop the most profitable routes.
  • Organize warehousing, packaging and (if necessary) the goods sale.

Our company provides a contract holder service. Thus, we act as your products importer. NH Logistics has a license to import the following product groups:

  • Electronic equipment.
  • Machinery.
  • Medical preparations.
  • Encrypted equipment.
  • Precious metals and jewelry.
  • Perishable products.
  • Dangerous cargos.

Grow your business in Belarus with NH Logistics!