Among the CIS countries, Belarus is a popular market. If you want to arrange DDT shipments, contact NH Logistics. We have over 16 years experience in the field.

Why do Belarusian businessmen prefer DDP shipping?

This delivery method completely exempts the buyer from liability for the goods. The seller bears all transportation’s risks, customs clearance, packaging and cargo’s delivery. Insurance and the necessary banking operations are also performed by the shipper.

At the same time, according to Belarusian laws, all customs operations, mandatory certification can only be carried out by a resident company. Thus, if you are a foreign company and do not have a representative office in the republic, you need an independent agent.

Service DDP – Shipping to Belarus by NH Logistics

We have developed a whole importing system for any freight type or shipping to Belarus. This integrated solution includes not only a complex supply chain. NH Logistics deals with:

  • Transporting your cargo from the factory to the ship.
  • Goods’ cost evaluation and their insurance.
  • Paying customs duties and filling out declarations.
  • All goods’ types certification in Belarus (voluntary and mandatory).
  • Documents, drawings, specifications’ preparation and translation (for certification).
  • Goods’ delivery by all transport modes to your or buyer’s warehouse.
  • Keeping storage in compliance with any temperature regime.
  • Your products’ sale through our partners’ trading houses.

Ways to import to Belarus

NH Logistics offers a concluding import transactions’ ways choice:

  • On your company’s behalf. We act as an intermediary, your representative on the Belorussian territory. Our brand does not appear in trade transactions.
  • On our company’s behalf. We conduct your business as an importer. Thus, we take responsibility for your product and sold it under our brand.

What can you import using NH Logistics?

We have a license for almost all freight’s types. Among them:

  • Cars and spare parts for them.
  • Complex machinery, including medical equipment.
  • Digital and encrypted equipment.
  • Exhibition samples for up to 2 years.
  • Medicines and food additives.
  • Sports nutrition and inventory.

You can get up-to-date information about any supply chain’s part. We develop individual solutions based on your type of business. The import strategy includes the best ways to declare the goods, the carriers’ choice, drawing up routes.

Do you have any questions? Contact NH Logistics specialists by phone or email.