Want to do your good`s shipping to Kazakhstan? NH Logistics will take care of the goods’ loading from the factory to delivery to the buyer’s warehouse.

This term implies the seller assumes all the delivery’s risks. All customs formalities, cargo insurance is also assigned to the seller. The buyer accepts responsibility for the goods only after signing the waybill.

DDP Kazakhstan legislation’s difficulties

To import goods into the country, the company must be registered in Kazakhstan. If the firm does not have such a representative, independent agents will help out. For example, a logistics company.

Ways to implement DDP to Kazakhstan

NH Logistics offers 2 ways to organize the import:

  • Our company acts as your independent representative in Kazakhstan. In this case, our brand will not appear in trade transactions.
  • We work as an importer. This means our company sells your products on its own behalf.

You decide which path is more profitable for your business.

Customs clearance

The procedure begins with the goods’ value assessment. If the customs authorities find the goods are estimated incorrectly, the payment amount can be adjusted. Therefore, it is safer to entrust the cost assessment and the necessary documents’ collection to professionals.

Mandatory and voluntary certification

NH Logistics will help with necessary documents’ and specifications preparation. We also carry out the description’s translation from all popular languages. Our company has extensive experience in all goods’ types certification.

Therefore, you will receive your certificates as soon as possible.

What products does NH Logistics import?

  • Electronics and encrypted equipment.
  • Complicated medical equipment.
  • Spare parts.
  • Jewelry.
  • Sports equipment.
  • Nutritional supplements and medicines.

We have our own reliable carriers’ base. Depends on cargo characteristics and required delivery’s speed we select the transport’s types. Thanks to partnerships with European and Asian logistics companies, we provide the most convenient solution for your business.

Shipping to Kazakhstan

We arrange delivery to warehouse and provide inventory management services. Our company organizes all warehouse operations, including brand’s packaging. NH Logistics also offers assistance with your products’ sale through a partner trading houses’ network.

Make your business in Kazakhstan easier! Contact NH Logistics specialists by phone or email.