Any type of business is in one way or another connected with logistics processes. When it comes to customs clearance of international transport, difficulties may arise. NH Logistics is an expert in this field. One of our services is the DDP shipment to Russia.

DDP Incoterms 2018 – Delivered Duty Paid

DDP delivery (indicating the place of arrival of the goods) means that the seller is responsible for the goods prior to their arrival at the specified place. All costs and risks associated with transportation, as well as difficulties with the formulation of duties, customs clearance and taxes are also borne by the seller. The seller, directly or indirectly, must provide a license for imports of goods.

The term DDP delivery is used to refer to the carriage and delivery of goods by all modes of transport or combinations thereof. In this case, the carrier is obliged to deliver the freight to the buyer, but the seller remains responsible for the goods. Therefore, using DDP shipping, it is very important to seek help from a reliable international logistics company.

DDP Incoterms Infographic

Consultant DDP Shipping

Under Russian law, foreign companies, including transport, do not have the right to customs clearance. Therefore, DDP delivery services can only be provided by a legal entity registered in Russia.

DDP logistic includes several procedures:

  • Customs solutions with the least cost for each country and mode of transport.
  • Selection of reliable carriers, including DDP delivery companies, air or ground transport.
  • The organization of delivery with payment went "on a turn-key basis".

NH Logistics provides the following services:

  • Acts as an importer on behalf of a foreign company, including the organization of sales.
  • Prepares technical data for certification of foreign goods when imported into Russia.
  • Engages in assessing the value of goods for customs control.

All this will help you avoid unnecessary loss of time and costs. Only professionals can comply with all formalities quickly and in accordance with the law.

DDP Shipping Experience

Being guided by many years of DDP Shipping experience and with the help of business relations in Europe and Russia, NH Logistics offers its customers a completely transparent customs solution. Documents can be issued in two ways: on behalf of the final recipient, or on our behalf.

In addition, we help with warehousing and delivery in Russia, forwarding support. We work with airports in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities. We are engaged in shipments through sea and river ports. Our experience allows us to import and declare even diplomatic cargo.

We have been supplying DDP since 2001. During this time, we have established an extensive network of trading houses to realize any imported goods. And strategic partnership relations with other large logistics companies contribute to the selection of the optimal solution, even for the most difficult case.

Entrust us all the difficulties with the delivery and registration of goods. We will save you from all problems with logistics, so that you can focus on the development of your business!