How to add a brand of consumer confidence? To decorate the packaging with sign consent with European norms.

Important! For certain categories of goods, this evaluation is mandatory!

EAC certification is an estimate for designating products that obey with ad hoc standing orders of the Eurasian Customs Union. This indicates goods with an EAC marking label to satisfy all the requirements of the pertinent technical orders. The badge was represented in August 2013.

EAC certificate in Russia is an analog of GOST R 50460-92.

Significant features of EAC Russia designation

  • Production fabricators are accountable for what industrial charters they should apply in making.
  • The commodity is sent to the marketing when it obeys with the ad hoc standing orders currently applicable. Conformity shall be performed in concordance with technical standing orders.
  • The fabricator need affix the EAC ticket to the commodity.
  • If needful, a commissioner official should attend in the concordance evaluation.
  • In supplement to the EAC designation, any stamps are prohibited.
  • EAC designation reaffirms with the “Basic Safety Requirements” conditioned in the Technical Regulations.

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The EAC marking must be oppositional on the item in an apparent, discriminating, the characteristic and constant method by the fabricator:

  • The format should be leastways 5 mm.
  • Measurements should be reputable if the EAC marking decreases or increases.
  • If the character of the goods doesn’t resolve, it should be applied to the packaging or concomitant attestations.
  • EAC designation is accomplished if requirements of the technical instruction suitable to the relevant item are met.

In which countries does EAC marking operate:

Russia, Belarus, and other CIS countries. Only products with this mark can be exported to the Schengen zone.

The EAC mark covers security, requirements, and compatibility of such product groups:

  • Fireworks.
  • Personal protecting facilities.
  • Packaging.
  • Goods for children and teenagers.
  • Perfumes and cosmetics.
  • Light industry goods.
  • Motor fuel.
  • Low voltage hardware.
  • Enginery and apparatuses.
  • Elevators.
  • Facilities for use in explosive environments.
  • Gaseous fuel devices.
  • Electromagnetic technical devices.

How to get EAC Russian certificate

Our specialists will prepare all the documents for the certification of each product type. Our company draws up applications to state regulatory agencies as soon as possible.

You just have to wait for the result and place the corresponding label on the packaging!