Do you ship goods to or from Kazakhstan?

NH Logistics has more than 16 years experience in freight forwarding. We are leaders in the logistics services market in Russia and the CIS countries.

Are speed, reliability, and availability of full services range important for you? Then you are our client! NH Logistics specialists develop individual solutions for each business type. We also offer rational tariffs due to a large orders flow.

NH Logistics works with freight types

Our logistics company has a license to transport, import and export almost all cargo types:

  • Dangerous.
  • Oversized.
  • Requiring compliance with temperature.
  • Loose
  • Fragile.
  • National teams.

A staff of professional freight forwarders accompanies the client’s cargo on the way, in the course of temporary storage, during customs clearance.

Own carrier base and car park

NH Logistics provides:

  • Rail transportation.
  • Car transportation.
  • Air delivery.
  • Multimodal transportation.

This allows us to make the best routes for each customer, regardless of the cargo complexity and the distance. In drawing up the traffic pattern, we take into account the customer’s wishes about the delivery speed and cost.

For work, our company uses only cars that meet European ecological standards. All vehicles undergo timely technical inspection.

Drivers and freight forwarders have all the necessary documents for the good’s transportation across the international border.

NH Logistics Services

In addition to accompanying cargo on the road, NH Logistics experts offer clients:

  • Business advice on export/import to Kazakhstan and the CIS countries.
  • Fast registration of a complete travel documents set.
  • Goods’ insurance in the sending and recipient country territory, and transit insurance.
  • Loading and unloading operations when changing the mode of transport (at railway stations, seaports, and airports).
  • Сustoms documents registration.
  • Preliminary assessment of the goods’ value.
  • Filling out an electronic declaration.
  • Payment of customs duties by proxy from the client.
  • Freight temporary placement in our warehouses.
  • Unpacking sealed containers, acceptance of goods by quantity and quality in the customer’s presence.

Take care of your business development in Kazakhstan! Trust us to solve logistics issues! NH Logistics specialists are ready to offer a full range of services, including the conclusion of import/export transactions. If you wish your values to quickly overcome the path and preserve the presentation, contact our managers via phone or email.