Are you planning to do export to Belarus? Contact NH Logistics!

We will advise you on the internal market. Our company will also offer several ways to develop your business in accordance with Belarusian legislation.

Export to Belarus with professionals

NH Logistics conducts business consulting for foreign companies who wants to do export to Belarus. You will learn about all international trade agreements concluded with your country. We explain the import procedure, inform you about import taxes and customs duties.

Economic prospects’ evaluation

For each business’ type we develop the most profitable strategy. Based on the political and economic situation, our company will offer you several solutions for Belarus exports. You will learn about government support programs and benefits if they are provided for your product’s type.

If you need banking services, NH Logistics will become your local representative. We provide brokerage and mediation services in this area.

Belarus imports rules

Imported goods’ customs clearance cancan be done by a resident company only. Thus, a foreign company must register its representative office in Belarus. This is not always beneficial. Therefore, we offer our services as an independent agent.

Our company is engaged in the goods’ value assessment. We provide the customs formalities’ implementation, draws insurance.

The same rules apply to imported goods’ certification. If you need a license or conformity’s certificate for trading, you need a local representative. NH Logistics advises on the documents’ collection in your country. We accompany an expert at your factory if necessary. We also translate product descriptions and specifications into Russian or Belarusian.

Belarus imports and exports services by NH Logistics

Our company works in 2 ways:

  • We imported your goods and sell it on our own behalf.
  • We become your intermediary for the customs’ passage. Next, you sell goods under your brand.

DDP shipping

We accept responsibility for your cargo at all supply chain’s stages. Our experts select a transport company, compile the best routes, deal with customs formalities. Delivery is carried out to the buyer’s warehouse door.


This service upgrades online stores. We organize warehouse processes:

  • Accelerated order assembly.
  • Brand packaging parcels.
  • Online tracking.
  • Goods’ delivery to the client’s house.

Export to Belarus any goods, including sophisticated electronics and encrypted equipment.

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