Want to do export to Azerbaijan? Azerbaijan will be a great destination! This country is open for cooperation with Russia and other CIS countries.

Azerbaijan export features

Logistics routes in this country include:

  • All 6 international airports (including Heydar Aliyev in Baku).
  • Baku International Trade Port on the Caspian Sea (Alat Terminal).
  • Door to door trucking.

During the 2018 first half more than 70% exports to Azerbaijan amounted to oil and fuel. The rest is accounted for machinery, cars, light industry and agricultural products. You should be aware the any goods’ import directly from Armenia is prohibited.

Azerbaijan imports procedure

In order to freely sell most foreign goods you need a license. A foreign business need a local representative or independent agent. NH Logistics has the right to import into Azerbaijan the following product groups:

  • Sophisticated medical technology.
  • Medicines and dietary supplements.
  • Encrypted equipment.
  • Spare parts.
  • Perishable products.
  • Groupage cargo.
  • Dangerous goods.
  • Sport equipment.

Also, NH Logistics experts provide legal advice on completing customs declarations. Our company helps with the documents’ collection for import, export, transit through Azerbaijan.

What documents are needed for Azerbaijan exports?

A Russian or other foreign company needs to prepare a whole documents set:

  • The exporter’s constituent documents copies.
  • International supply contract.
  • Goods’ technical passport, instructions, photos.
  • When the contract’s amount is more than $50 thousand a passport is required.
  • Invoice.

In some cases additional documents are required. Check with NH Logistics specialists what legal evidence is necessary for your business:

  • Packing list with information on the number of packages, the cargo’s mass, the packaging and containers’ type.
  • Origin’s certificate.
  • For dual-use goods the identification examination’s conclusion.
  • Licenses and certificates GOST.

NH Logistics export to Azerbaijan

  • DDP shipping to Azerbaijan.
  • Customs clearance.
  • Customs clearance cost’s preliminary calculation.
  • Voluntary and mandatory standardization and goods’ certification.
  • Freight insurance.
  • “Groupage cargo” delivery(with payment only for a place in a wagon or container).
  • E-commerce.
  • Reliable carriers by all transport modes.
  • Assistance and advice at any delivery stage.
  • Selling your goods (contract holder service).

Exporting to Azerbaijan can be a new stage in your business’ development! Do this with NH Logistics.