Shipping to and from Kazakhstan is an important part of doing business between the CIS countries and Europe. To get across the border quickly contact NH Logistics! Our experts will help you to go through Kazakhstan customs clearance at the lowest cost.

New tariff rates 2018

Since September 1, tax rate for the new cars import from Russia was 17% instead of 23%. At the same time, on April 5, fixed amounts were set for processing documents at the border. The main sheet customs declaration costs 19000 tenge. Each additional declaration list will cost 7000 thousand tenge.

The procedure for passing Kazakhstan customs

The obtaining specifics an import permit depend on the product range and origin country.
Common items for all shipments:

  • Contract conclusion with the supplier.
  • Paperwork for the supply.
  • The company’s registration as a participant in foreign economic activity.
  • Customs payments.
  • Goods arrival filing and import declaration.
  • Goods and documents release with customs marks.

If the cargo has a transit destination the goods sealed consignments are not inspected. For this you need to have special permissions.

Kazakhstan customs – required documents

  • Contract with specification. Documents are in two languages ​​and must be equally authentic.
  • Transaction passport. The document is issued in the event the amount of the contract exceeds $ 50000.
  • Invoice. In some cases, a foreign invoice with the company’s seal and its translation into Russian is required.
  • Packing list.
  • Export declaration from the sender.
  • Goods origin country certificate.
  • Payment orders for customs duties’ payment.
  • Shipping Contracts
  • Goods’ description, technical documentation, diagrams, drawings, composition.
  • Permits: certificates, licenses.
  • Documents confirming the goods’ value, for example, commercial offers, invoices, catalogs.

NH Logistics specialization

We offer our customers:

  • Business advice on the goods’ import/export.
  • Cargo’s cost preliminary calculation.
  • Freight insurance.
  • Customs duties’ payment.
  • Filling out tax returns.
  • DDP shipping.

NH Logistics specialists will develop individual delivery routes are most beneficial for your business. We have our own carries’ base by all transport’s modes. Our company provides services:

Grow your business in Kazakhstan quickly and profitably! NH Logistics offer Customs Clearance assistance for more then 16 years. We will find the best solution for you and help you avoid mistakes!