For many companies foreign trade is a business development’s new stage. Azerbaijan is one of the most promising areas. This country is located between Europe and Asia. Thus, the state is attractive for foreign business both as a trading partner and as a transit corridor.

Logistics to Baku

Cargo delivery is carried out by land, air, rail and water transport. On September 18, 2018 the Astara-Alat international highway opened. This road’s stretch is the North-South road link’s important part. Thus, it has become even easier to link northern Europe and the Persian Gulf zone.

Currently, the South-West corridor is being actively developed. This highway section will become a link between the Indian Ocean zone and Western Europe. The direction captures the CIS countries and Eastern Europe.
Logistic to Baku, Azerbaijan is carried out through the sea trade port near Baku (terminal Alat). More than half of air travel falls at Heydar Aliyev Airport. Although, there are 6 airports in the country.

Azerbaijan logistics consultants

If you decide to sell your goods in this country, you will need a local importer. NH Logistics has a license to import and sell such goods:

  • Perishable products.
  • Medicines and food additives.
  • Sophisticated medical technology.
  • Encrypted equipment.
  • Sport equipment.
  • Precious metals and jewelry.
  • Promotional samples (not subject to customs duties).

We also provide business consulting on legal subtleties and the domestic market’s peculiarities.

Required documents for delivery cargo to/through Azerbaijan

  • Invoice.
  • Packing list.
  • Origin certificate.
  • CMR (international consignment note). It shows all the characteristics of the cargo, the quantity, points of departure and delivery.
  • TIR (customs transit document). It allows you to pass the border in a simplified scheme. Sealed containers do not inspect.

If the route passes through Europe, you will need to issue an additional:

  • Transit Declaration T-1.
  • EX-1 Declaration.

NH Logistics has its own proven carriers’ base. FFor drivers there is also a necessary set of documents:

  • Technical passport.
  • Permits for the goods’ carriage in a foreign carrier’s vehicle.
  • CEMT or ECMT.
  • Sealing certificate.
  • ADR authorization (for the dangerous goods’ transport).
  • CMR insurance.

NH Logistics specialists will take over all customs clearance procedures. We will also assist in the documents’ preparation, obtaining certificates and licenses.

Entrust all logistics processes in Azerbaijan to us! Start your business with NH Logistics!