Import to Belarus occupies a significant place in trade with the CIS countries. If you want to deliver cargo to Belarus, contact NH Logistics. Our experience in this field is over 16 years.

Foreign business in Belarus

For save from mistakes, you need Belarus logistics consultants. We are organized delivery in and through Belarus to neighboring countries.

Belarus logistics includes transportation by all transport’s modes. But a road transport’s share is larger than others. Our company develops optimal supply chains for your business.

NH Logistics works equally with large multinational companies and individual entrepreneurs.

State and other companies are rebuilding the inland water network for the merchant fleet’s development. Gomel and Pinsk plants are equipped for modern shipbuilding. A new railway’s line is according to European standards. The track Paris-Moscow (via Minsk) will soon be commissioned.

NH Logistics services in Belarus

We take responsibility for shipping freight from the factory to the buyer’s warehouse. The service includes:

  • The cargo’s cost estimation.
  • Customs duties calculation and payment.
  • Goods’ mandatory insurance.
  • Brokerage deals.
  • Optimal route’s development.
  • Reliable carriers’ selection.

Solving complex customs issues

We specialize in all necessary documents’ preparation, translations from all popular languages. Our experts will choose for you the most profitable way to declare the goods.

Business consulting

We will offer options for your business’ development, taking into account the Belarusian market and legislation. We will advise you on import and export from Belarus.


Our company optimizes online stores’ work. We serve your warehouses or organize the whole process.

  • Expedited orders’ build.
  • Track parcels online.
  • Brand packaging in stock.
  • Develop a loyalty policy for your customers.
  • Orders’ delivery to customers.

Mandatory and voluntary goods’ certification

If your cargo requires an import license or mandatory certification, we:

  • Collect the necessary documents.
  • Competently make them an application to the authorized certification public authorities.

We recommend certifying the goods. This increases the customers’ trust to your brand.

Grow your business in Belarus with NH Logistics! Contact us via phone or email.