Do you want to arrange logistic to Kazakhstan? Do you need advice on imports to this country?

Contact NH Logistics! We develop integrated supply chains or work out individual business logistics elements for our customers.

Logistic to Kazakhstan – our specialization

NH Logistics prepares solutions for managing large, medium or small goods’ quantities transportation. We also specialize in complex customs issues, calculating freight cost for paying taxes and duties, and certifying all goods’ types.

What products NH Logistics import?

Our company has a license to import such cargo to Kazakhstan:

  • Electronic equipment;
  • Encrypted equipment;
  • Machinery;
  • Complicated medical equipment;
  • Medicines;
  • Nutritional supplements.

Kazakhstan geographical position

Kazakhstan is located between Europe and Asia, but has no access to the ocean. However, the Caspian Sea is a popular trading route. Kazakhstan logistics includes 4 main transport corridors:

  • Northern Corridor of Trans-Asian Railway Main (TARM);
  • Southern Corridor of TARM (through Almaty);
  • North-South.

Kazakhstan Transport Infrastructure

Road freight is the second largest income source in the country. Therefore, $ 9 billion was allocated for the route construction of 37,000 kilometers.

To transport Chinese cargo, the world’s largest dry port, the Khorgos Gate, was built. This crossing point on the railway is capable of 200,000 containers per year.

On the Caspian Sea $ 1 billion is allocated for the second port construction. It is estimated that this port will take 35% of sea cargoes.

Logistic to Kazakhstan – delivery to warehouse

NH Logistics has its own carrier’ base, as well as partnerships with airline companies and maritime transport companies. We will create the best routes based on your business’ needs.

Our company has its own warehouses and trading houses network. Doing logistic to Kazakhstan we also offer our clients assistance with:

  • Warehouse storage (with any temperature condition observance);
  • Goods packaging;
  • Your products’ sales.

Our Logistic Services in Kazakhstan

Our company acts as your independent representative. We take care of all the procedures for import:

  • Goods insurance;
  • Customs duties payment;
  • Brokerage transactions;
  • Contracts conclusion with banks;
  • Products delivery to your warehouse.


This service optimizes your online store. You can connect it yourself on our website. NH Logistics offers:

  • Accelerated order processing;
  • Order status online tracking;
  • Orders’ packaging in stock;
  • Packages’ delivery to the buyer at home.

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