Do you want to import goods into Ukraine? Or is your goal import from Ukraine to Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan? NH Logistics will become your business’ conductor in the CIS countries.

Logistics problems in Ukraine

Railway transport due to severe deterioration is increasingly being replaced by road transport. Difficulties arise in connection also with the political situation. In the summer season, restrictions are imposed on the bulky vehicles movement to preserve the road surface. The water transport potential is limited by high fees for the waterways communication use.

NH Logistics logistic to Ukraine

NH Logistics has its own proven carriers database. We arranged delivery by any transport means and their combinations. The company also has an extensive storage facilities network. Including warehouses with refrigeration equipment.

Customs clearance

NH Logistics provides customs clearance services of any cargo kind. Our specialists ensure a customs point quick passage in the port or on the border. We will find the best solution for you, and some goods are exempt from duties payment.

Import of goods with mandatory licensing

To import certain types of freight, you need to register a company in the country or a special license.

NH Logistics has the right to import:

  • Complex medical equipment;
  • Medicinal products;
  • Digital equipment;
  • Encrypted equipment.


For online stores’ owners NH Logistics offers to optimize trading and warehousing processes. We provide solutions for:

  • Online order tracking and returning;
  • Discounts management and special offers;
  • Profitability calculation;
  • Orders assembling and delivery;
  • Parcels branded packing in a warehouse;
  • Cloud data storage.

Connect E-Fulfillment service easily online. The account activation occurs during the working day.

NH Logistics organizes the supply chain with optimal routes. We carry out all loading operations in the port and on board the ship. Our company work directly with European and Asian suppliers. NH Logistics undertake the documents preparation and customs duties payment. The client receives all costs preliminary calculation.

Logistics for outsourcing

If your company imports large products’ quantities to Ukraine, free your business from logistics issues. Entrust them to NH Logistics. Thanks to a large specialists staff and optimizing software, we will perform the entire delivery cycle faster and cheaper.

To organize quality logistics for your business, contact us via phone or email.