Is your business connected to trading on different continents? Then you can’t do without shipping.

NH Logistics has been offering ocean freight forwarder services to its customers for more than 16 years.

We work with the largest sea carriers. Also, our specialists simultaneously process a large orders flow. Due to this factor, customers receive:

  • Reliable delivery.
  • Affordable prices.

NH Logistics specialists develop comprehensive solutions based on your business characteristics.

NH Logistics ocean freight services

We provide our customers with a comprehensive service or logistics products to choose from:

  • Full container load.
  • Space redemption in the container (method “groupage”).
  • Charter projects.
  • Cargo management.
  • Track cargo en route.
  • Cargo insurance.
  • Cargo handling in ports.

Ocean freight shipping advantages with NH Logistics

  • When developing a route we take into account the desired delivery speed and the planned estimate. NH Logistics cooperates with many maritime transport companies, which provides high throughput.
  • With the patented software’s help, our specialists more accurately and quickly organize the entire logistics chain: warehousing, loading, and unloading at the port, combining shipping with other transport types.
  • We offer to track in real time not only the cargo’s location, but also its qualitative condition.
  • Our unique order management system allows us to provide the “partial container loading” service with the highest quality possible. NH logistics specialists make sure that identical goods are combined, adhere to the adherence principle to the “commodity neighborhood”.

What can NH Logistics deliver?

In addition to transportation services, our company has a license to conduct import and export transactions. Also, we can act as a customs broker for our clients. Ocean freight forwarder not only monitors the cargo’s safety on the way. We also participate in the customs inspection procedure. Our representative is also present at the goods acceptance by the buyer. Sealed containers are opened in our specialist presence, who helps to carry out the acceptance by quantity and quality.

Additional bonuses:

  • Several flights per week.
  • Delivery speed: premium and standard.
  • Solutions for even very small shipments.
  • Well-established supply schedule even during peak season.
  • Business advice on customs clearance and import and export transactions.

Optimize your business processes with NH Logistics. Our integrated solutions will enable shipping by sea to a new level and at the same time make it cheaper!