To pass Russian customs, it is necessary to consider many details and to understand the legislation. This can only be done by professionals.


Customs clearance procedure in Russia can only be carried out by a legal entity registered in Russia. Foreign companies wishing to import goods must have a representative. Such a representative is logistics companies and customs agents.

NH Logistics provides a full range of services to insure foreign companies against all kind of issues.

All imported goods must be declared. To do this, you must provide the following documents:

  • Contracts;
  • Commercial invoices and packing slip;
  • Transport documents;
  • Import licenses;
  • Certificates of conformity;
  • Certificates of origin;
  • Sanitary certificates.

After customs clearance, the goods can be freely sold on the territory of Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union. If the goods are introduced temporarily (for a period of up to 2 years), they are partially or completely exempt from customs duties.

There is a list of goods for which import requires a special license: jewelry, precious metals, pesticides, electro materials. The license must be obtained from the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations.

Services we provide

NH Logistics deals with complex customs procedures:

  • Temporary export (repair shipments);
  • Trial shipments in small lots;
  • Goods for exhibitions (ATA Carnet);
  • Spare parts under warranty;
  • Returns;
  • POS-materials;
  • DDP.

We develop a scheme of foreign trade logistics, selects the best way to pass the customs regulations. Thus, NH Logistics acts as a customs clearance agent. Next, we provide delivery to your warehouse or network of our trading houses for sale.

Customers see clear and detailed information about the state of their affairs. A report is compiled at each section of the process. It includes all costs: customs and bank charges, transportation and storage costs.

Custom clearance fees and taxes

Commercial samples not for sale are exempt from customs duties and import VAT for up to two years.

Biological samples and samples of medicines must be accompanied by special certificates.

Customs duties and import taxes are not levied on goods worth less than 5,000 rubles (including insurance). For amounts above this, the average tariff rate is 7.8%. For finished products 15%, for agricultural and food products - 20%.

Preferential rates are provided for the countries of the third world and the European Union. However, some of them were revised due to economic sanctions. In addition, a single economic zone with Belarus, Kazakhstan and Serbia has been created. Be sure to check all the details from specialists!

The Russian customs classification includes 11032 tariffs.

Customs clearance calculation

85% of tariff lines are taxed based on an ad valorem base. The Russian customs is guided mainly by CIF standards in accordance with WTO rules.

In other cases, a combined system is used: an average tariff is taken between the ad valorem tariff and a fixed excise rate.

To choose the best method of customs clearance and correctly fill out the documents, contact NH Logistics!