Despite the strict rules of customs clearance, many firms want to develop foreign trade in Russia. Moreover, the entire logistics chain can be outsourced.

Russian foreign trade policy is quite friendly. In 2012, the country became a WTO member. In 2017, the share of Russian international trade was 46% of total GDP. Due to economic sanctions in 2014, import of agricultural products from Europe and the USA was banned. But foreign trade is growing.

Main trading partners

Main Exporters

(Exports,%) 2016
Netherlands 10.2%
China 9.8%
Germany 7.4%
Turkey 4.8%
Italy 4.2%
Other countries 63.5%

Main importers

(Imports,%) 2016
China 20.9%
Germany 10.7%
The United States 6.1%
France 4.7%
Italy 4.3%
Other countries 53.4%

Source: Comtrade

Prospects for the Russian foreign trade development in 2018-2019

The main products exported in 2017

Oil and petroleum oils 26.0%
Oils obtained from bituminous minerals 16.2%
Coal, briquettes, and similar solid fuels 3.8%
Semi-finished products of iron or non-alloy steel 1.7%
Wheat and meslin 1.6%
Other products 50.7%

Goods imported in 2017

Medicines 3.7%
A transmitter for radiotelephony 3.5%
Parts and accessories for automobiles 3.5%
Equipment 3.0%
Cars 2.9%
Other products 83.3%

Source: Comtrade

The trade surplus for 2017 is positive and equal to $ 131 billion.

  • Export - $ 359.2 billion.
  • Imports - $ 228.2 billion.

Based on the customs statistics from the beginning of 2018 (January-April), there has been a steady growth in Russia's foreign trade turnover. It amounted to $ 215.2 billion. In comparison with January-April of 2017, the growth is equal to 23.8%.

Trade balance is $ 65.3 billion. This is $ 17.9 billion more than in January-April 2017.
It is forecasted a stable growth of foreign trade by more than 20% by the end of 2018 and in 2019.

Know-how for your business with NH Logistics

Full automation of workflow:

  • Forming and sending applications to carriers and freight forwarders is 3 times faster.
  • Automatic selection of the carrier from the checked base for the given parameters (cargo characteristic, route).
  • Online tracking of cargo in transit.
  • Management and exchange of applications.
  • Formation of accounting and transport documents.
  • Calculation of the profitability of transport.
  • Control of mutual settlements.
  • Register of contracts and management of loyalty policy.
  • Access control.

Transfer logistics to outsourcing - it is beneficial for any type of foreign business in Russia. You will get rid of the need:

  • To find warehouses and transport.
  • Hiring qualified personnel.
  • Going through complex customs clearance procedures and certification of goods.

NH Logistics provides e-commerce services. The company realizes a full cycle from the processing of applications, to packing goods in a warehouse.

The whole operations chain in NH Logistics is absolutely transparent. You will receive expenses reports at any stage of the supply chain. Also, you will receive a full estimate in advance.

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