Russia and Belarus are drafting roadmap for a single gas market, says Economy Minister

Russia and Belarus are working on an integration roadmap that will include creation of a single gas market, Russia’s Economic Development Minister Maxim Oreshkin said in an interview with the Rossiya-24 TV channel.

“Obviously, there is a sensible topic on gas, but it is clear that we should embark on [creating] the single gas market. Therefore, in the relevant roadmap, which comprises the gas aspect, all the parameters related to the creation of a single gas market will be mentioned and considered,” he said.

Earlier on Friday, the Prime Ministers of Belarus and Russia Sergey Rumas and Dmitry Medvedev initialed the integration development program within the Union State and approved a list of 31 roadmaps for implementing the document.

Oreshkin specified that the roadmaps should be prepared by the departments of both countries by November 1, 2019.

“Now they are starting to prepare these roadmaps. We will try to ensure that they stay within a certain framework. The relevant departments will work on each roadmap,” the minister said.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty on the Creation of the Union State between Russia and Belarus. The document was signed in December 1999 and provides for formation of a single political, economic and customs space of the two countries.

Source: TASS