Russia and Belarus will develop e-commerce

The relevant associations engaged in the development of online trading in Russia and Belarus have agreed on cooperation. The Agreement on the development of electronic commerce was signed by the Association of Internet Commerce Companies (Russia) and the Association of Online Commerce Enterprises (Belarus).

The parties plan to jointly solve a number of strategic tasks, such as creating secure services for customers, establishing good principles of competition in the field of online trading, protecting the interests of honest players in the e-commerce market and related business areas.

“We plan to join our efforts to remove the main barriers and restrictions existing in the EAEU countries in the field of electronic commerce, including harmonization of consumer legislation, as soon as possible,” AICC President Artem Sokolov emphasized.

The director of AOCE Arthur Karpovich, in turn, noted that cooperation will allow us to develop common optimal proposals for improving the Internet trade in both countries, protecting and developing this market.