Customs clearance is the core competence of NH Logistics. With more than 20 years of experience, we support our customers in importing goods from any country into the CIS countries and exporting goods to countries outside the CIS. Our specialists are devoted to ensuring fast Customs clearance in compliance with current Customs regulations. The same excellent services we offer in the European Union and in the United Kingdom.

Regardless of whether goods are transported by air, sea, rail or road, we at NH Logistics are the Customs clearance specialists. Our expert Customs brokers can provide you with bespoke solutions to all your logistical challenges.

One-stop complete solutions for customs clearance & certification

On request, we can offer you one-stop logistics solutions from a single source, thus reducing your labor and communication costs. The solutions include IOR/EOR/DDP Delivered Duty Paid.

The challenges of importing goods the CIS countries are increasing.  For both industry and the logistics sector, compliance with current Customs regulations is just as important as fast, smooth and cost-effective Customs clearance. Declarations of Conformity and Certificates of Conformity are often required, with or without testing. NH Logistics can look after this difficult requirement too.

For more than 20 years, we have been assisting clients from all industries with Customs clearance and communicating with Customs authorities. We design bespoke, comprehensive, compliant Customs solutions for our clients.

NH Logistics deals with complex Customs procedures:

  • Temporary export (repair shipments);
  • Exhibition goods (ATA Carnet);
  • Replacement parts under warranty;
  • POS materials;
  • DDP shipments.

Do you have a package stuck in Customs?

We provide a full range of services from preparing the contract and development of foreign trade logistics scheme up to Customs clearance of your cargo with its delivery to your warehouse.

NH Logistics always provides full, clear and detailed information on costs at all stages of the process (transportation, Customs clearance services and obtaining permits, Customs fees, bank charges).

Facilitating trade for sustainable growth

Through a wide range of services, NH Logistics optimizes your trade and Customs management – helping improve trade performance, operational efficiency, risk management and Customs duty control.

It is always good to be aware of how you are managing your trade and Customs activities. Because when it comes down to it, there is a lot of money to be made as well as costs and risks to avoid. And all without having to change anything else about your business – no new products need to be launched, no new customers found, no restructuring of your sales team or operations, no need to drive production costs down and risk quality issues.

Our Services:

  • Import and export Customs clearance
  • Customs transit procedures
  • Customs consultancy on preferential duty rates, licensing requirements, entry processes
  • Requesting refunds and/or import surcharges
  • Customs declarations for all means of transport
  • Requesting Customs permits
  • Establishing applicable commodity codes and corresponding duty rates

We make sure you are compliant with regulations to mitigate Customs-related risk and exposure

We currently have offices in 10 Eurasian and CIS countries.

NH Logistics, Your reliable partner in Eurasia, the CIS Countries, the European Union and the United Kingdom

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Customs clearance services Georgia

Customs clearance services Kazakhstan

Customs clearance services Serbia

Customs clearance services Ukraine


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