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The FSS/FSB Notification (Encryption approval)

Are you interested in obtaining FSB Notification in Russia? Also called FSS Notification in Russia?

All products that are capable of encryption need to be approved by the Federal Security Service (FSS or sometimes called FSB) in order to be successfully imported into the Eurasian Customs Union. A special document that confirms the product which transfers data through crypto algorithms can be legally imported is called FSS Notification (or FSB Notification).

Products which require the FSS notification:

This List includes the following product groups:

  • Pocket machines for recording, playback and visualization of data with computing features;
  • Printers, copy machines, facsimile ( fax ) machines and their electronic modules;
  • Pocket computers;
  • Computing machines (including personal computers (PC) and industrial ones) and their parts;
  • Pocket PC electronic modules;
  • Subscriber communication devices;
  • Base stations (docking stations);
  • Telecommunication equipment and its parts;
  • Hardware for broadcasting and television;
  • Radio navigation receivers, remote control hardware;
  • Equipment that provides access to information and communications network “Internet” and television receivers with communication function, and their parts;
  • Integrated electronic circuit chips, storage devices etc.

So, any of the modern telecommunication devises such as mobile phone, laptop, tablet and other equipment that uses wireless data transfer technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GSM, GPRS, GLONASS, can be classified as being one of the mentioned product groups and  the FSS/FSB Notification will be required during Customs clearance.

The execution of notification is required when the imported goods are really cryptographic equipment. However, a wide range of equipment can be potentially referred to encryption equipment in Regulation 2.19, approved by the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC).

This leads to practical problems when customs officers ask for notification of the FSB on the basis of the fact that the HS code is included in Regulation 2.19. This is an incorrect approach since the code is not enough to determine the cryptographic function, it is also necessary to take the full name of the product and its characteristics into account .

The FSB in Russia currently does not issue explanatory documents on the absence of encryption (cryptography). In their turn, the customs officers rarely decide on their own, guided by the description of the goods and do not always take into account the information from the equipment manufacturers reporting the absence of encryption.

If this happens, you should immediately contact NH Logistics. Our specialists will give you expert advice and help you in solving this issue.

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Just inform us about:

  • The type and short technical description of the product you apply for
  • The HS code (Customs code)

To receive the final conclusion on the necessity of issuing the FSS/FSB Notification by one of our specialists.

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