IOR Importer Russia Certification

Hygienic Certificate Russia (State Registration Certificate- SRC)

All goods with reference to a HS Code (Customs code) that need to obtain SRC are described in “The List of goods subjected to sanitary and epidemiological supervision (control) at the customs border and customs territory of the CU” (The Sanitary approval List)
“On safety of the products for children and teenagers” (TR CU 007/2011) and “On safety of perfumes and toiletries” (TR CU 009/2011).

State Registry Certification assumes a wide range of products, namely:

  • Disinfectants, disinsection and deratization agents;
  • Household chemicals products (goods);
  • Potentially hazardous chemical and biological substances and preparations based on them that represent a potential danger to people (paints, adhesives, primers etc.);
  • Materials, equipment, devices and other technical means of water treatment, intended for use in the drinking water supply systems;
  • Personal hygiene products for adults;
  • Products intended for contact with foodstuffs;
  • Some cosmetic products (tanning cosmetics, skin whitening and bleaching products, intimate and depilation staffs, cosmetics, children cosmetic products, peels, protective and hair dyeing products, etc;
  • Clothes for children (under 14 years old) of the first type group and for the newborn (before 1-year-old).

The manufacturer can be an Applicant for certification, which means that only his company name will be mentioned on the SRC. This rule applies to all mentioned products except ones that were referenced on TR CU 007/2011 and TR CU 009/2011 – cosmetic and clothes. In this case, the Local Representative (applicant) can only be a company which is a  resident of the CU.

Usually, it takes from 4 to 6 weeks to obtain this type of approval documents.

For some products, namely disinfectants, the process lasts 6-8 months, food supplements can be registered in 5-6 months.

You can apply for such type of certification only by making a detailed inquiry because all product information influences the final offer – the number of applied types (models), the composition, the number of manufacturer subsidiaries and even color can influence the scope of testing and the number of test reports required. You can place an inquiry through info@nh-logistics.com  to receive an initial consultation.

To initiate the certification process all product documentation needs to be in the Russian Language (Technical Data Sheet, Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) etc.). Also, the tests of the samples need to be conducted. Test reports are made in the form of so-called Expert Conclusions.

For those products that don’t fall under sanitary and/or epidemiological control, the voluntary Expert Conclusion can be issued. This document is very effective in the case when your Russian customers still ask for a Hygienic Compliance document. It takes 3 weeks to issue such a document.

The SRC has unlimited validity that means that you should pass the procedure only once. There are some intentions to limit the validity of the SRC to 5 years that will be decided in 2019. Keep in touch for the news in this field.

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