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What is an exporter of Record (EOR)?

An exporter of record service is a professional service that takes care of the pre-transit documentation and processes of your cargo. When you purchase a shipment and have it ready for shipment, a number of steps are taken before the cargo can leave port of its country of origin. Our EOR service will take care of all the actions required on the port of origin so that your cargo can get to you fast without any delay.

Understanding your role as an exporter of Record

Here are questions you should ask yourself before deciding whether you need to work with an EOR:

  • Do you know if any export permits and licenses are required and if there are, will you be able to procure them on your own?
  • Can you properly classify your equipment with an HS Code and ECCN number?
  • Can you identify the country of origin, material composition, or electrical specifications of each device in your shipment?
  • Can you take responsibility of the equipment during the export process and answer any questions that may arise during export customs clearance?

If you answered no to any of the questions above, it’s best to discuss your exact project details with our EOR specialists.

Reliable EOR Services for CIS countries, European Union, United Kingdom, Norway, Iceland

We have offices in CIS countries. The countries where NH Logistics has offices are often considered “complex markets” because executing an export from these countries often requires more than just operating a valid business entity. Meaning, in addition to having a business entity, there are different export authorizations, licenses, and permits that need to be obtained prior to the shipment being exported (which vary based on the country of origin.)

But these complex markets are where we as EOR providers have found our niche – we provide companies the expert services needed to simplify the international supply chain. So, if you’re looking to export from any country where we have offices (Georgia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan,  The Netherlands, Norway, SerbiaUnited Kingdom, European Union, Iceland), we highly advise that you speak to a specialist of our company prior to shipping.

What can you expect from an Exporter of Record?

The EOR Exporter of Record will identify and gather all specific documents and licenses necessary for export as per local law, eg:

  • Paying fees/taxes upon exportation.
  • Filing specific declarations with various government agencies upon exportation.
  • Obtaining any licensing, certification and authorizations to export if required for a commodity; in many cases before exportation to the destination country location.

These essential EOR requirements are some of the keys to ensuring fast, smooth and reliable exporting worldwide. Because of the complexity we specialize in EOR services for Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia and Serbia.

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What do EOR service providers do?

Generally speaking, EOR providers are companies that provide services relating to the export side of a shipment – including but not limited to – acting as the Exporter of Record, procuring the necessary paperwork, applying for the relevant export permits, and arranging for export customs clearance. The Importer of Record (IOR) is the person or entity officially responsible for making sure a shipment of goods complies with all the legal requirements and regulations of the destination country.

The EOR provider you choose should be an expert on the commodity you’re looking to ship and should also be able to provide any additional logistics & compliance services you may need. Unless you have experience shipping internationally, you shouldn’t hire one provider for EOR services and another for freight and custom clearance services. This is because coordinating between multiple providers is risky and drastically increases the likelihood for them to make operational and documentation mistakes.

Need expert advice on export regulation?

To minimize the mistakes caused by mismanaging multiple vendors, our clients typically hire us to provide EOR services and also rely on us to manage the following:

  • Advise on whether EOR services are needed and possible
  • Evaluate the export feasibility based on hardware conformity, encryption, and local rules
  • Analyze the bill of materials to compile a list of requirements for a successful export
  • Harmonize the HS codes for each item in the shipment
  • Provide a fully owned NH Logistics trading company that fulfills the above list of export requirements on behalf of our clients
  • Manage the door to door logistics and customs brokerage services to execute a successful deployment

At NH Logistics Group, we train our teams to ensure the EOR service is streamlined in such a way that our clients do not have to wait for their precious cargo any longer then absolutely necessary. We make sure your cargo is safely and timely loaded in the container, truck or aircraft. We take care of all documentation and legal requirements at the point of origin.


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