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When it comes to sensitive services like last mile delivery, every step in the process toward complete customer satisfaction is critical. From receiving and inspecting the product, to scheduling and confirming the delivery, to assembling product on site, NH Logistics delivers the experience you and your customers expect.

Whether you require white glove, room of choice, curbside delivery, or threshold delivery to meet your customers’ expectations, you can trust our depth of experience, professionalism, service focus and flexibility to get the job done.

NH Logistics ensures the careful handling of all types of cargo – from high value medical devices and high-tech equipment to retail displays.

The term White Glove Delivery Service is used for the specialized transport of high-value technical products, devices or machines within the business-to-business segment, including placement and. This includes, for example, the delivery of medical equipment into hospitals, printers and multi-functionals in offices, graphical machines to print shops, vending machines, audiovisual devices etc. Any used devices can be returned immediately, without having to carry out a second trip later.

The entire White Glove logistics is supported by the control tower of NH Logistics. Project managers are responsible for the coordination between you as our customer and your end-users. They manage the entire transport, arrange any on-site assistance and provide progress reports, evaluation and aftersales service.

We understand that your most sensitive deliveries require a lot more. They deserve white glove care. More than simply placing your shipment on a loading dock, we make sure that it will be where it needs to be and when it needs to be there. NH Logistics’ white glove logistics services ensure customer shipments are delivered to meet all expectations, regardless of customized requirements.

Here is what you get:

  • A dedicated white glove delivery team pre-qualifies and manages all consignee delivery requirements.
  • Scheduled and Custom Delivery Timing
  • Multi person delivery, as required
  • Inside delivery, uncrating, removal of packaging materials, inspection, light assembly
  • Quality control process enforced and measured using customer satisfaction feedback forms
  • Intense focus on on-time delivery, safe handling and communication
  • Last mile service available in Georgia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.
  • Dedicated solutions
  • Reverse logistics management and disposal of items removed from receiver’s premises


We are well established in Eurasia, with 3 NH Logistics locations in Georgia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.
Our trusted teams ensure that all deliveries are transported from supplier to customer with care, to guarantee that your valuable and time-sensitive consignments reach their destination safely. NH Logistics’ entire White Glove solution is supported by our control tower to ensure deliveries are monitored, to deliver full visibility, cost efficiency and an exceptional customer experience.


Configurable and secure final mile White Glove delivery and installation support for the high-tech, telecommunications, medical devices and POS Systems. Our drivers undergo regular training to ensure they can transport, set up and follow the strict handling instructions of your customized equipment. At NH Logistics, we understand the importance of getting sensitive deliveries right.


Our Final Mile services have been designed to respond to your customers’ needs. With a specified arrival time, down to individual hour slots, your customers can be sure when to expect their purchases. Our motivated drivers take care of everything quickly and efficiently – including unloading from the truck, carrying goods to the allocated room, unpacking and cleaning up afterwards.


Whether you have complex installations of in-store retail displays or need to launch new merchandising to multiple stores by a definite date, NH Logistics is there for you. Our White Glove drivers work around-the-clock to get the results you need, with a delivery service that offers a promise to be on time.

We handle consolidation at origin, transportation, warehousing and on-site project deliveries, as well as the technical installations for displays and materials – including the safe delivery of time-sensitive samples.

We’re also experienced with the complexities of deliveries to the major convention centers and hotels in Eurasia. In addition, once the event is over, we also offer removal and returns management support, and return all display materials wherever they need to go.

Some reasons why you should work with us:

  • Active in Eurasia and the CIS since 2001
  • We speak your language, English, German, Dutch
  • Own entities in Ukraine, KazakhstanGeorgia, Serbia, the Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom
  • Our specialists understand very well requirements and the international production standards
  • We will help you to obtain all other permissions / approvals required
  • Our staff is flexible and customer-oriented
  • NH Logistics will consult you and offer you the best solution according to your needs
  • Our staff is friendly and will help you to solve your challenges with pleasure!


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    Active in CIS since 2001.
    Entities in 10 Eurasian countries.
    One-stop source.
    Client satisfaction guaranteed.

    We are trusted by international companies since 2001

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