Compliant IOR EOR Services in Sweden

We offer compliant, affordable solutions for businesses looking to import goods into our region but who do not have a direct presence; through NH Logistics NED you can import your products and provide after sales support service to your clients in Sweden.

Advantages of choosing NH Logistics NED as an Importer of Record

As your full-service logistics partner, NH Logistics NED will:

  • undertake the compliance assessments for your shipment. As Importer of Record we are responsible for Customs- and Tax Declarations at the time of import.
  • obtain all necessary import licenses and permits. We ensure full payment of all duties, fees and other taxes.
  • keep and maintain all records for the minimum duration required by Dutch law.

Just think about the effort and expense you would have to endure to import a few shipments per year into Sweden! We take all this hassle out of your hands.


Reliable Importer of Record IOR services in Sweden

NH Logistics NED can act as your IOR Importer of Record in the entire European Union, allowing you to ship your goods without the need to establish your own entity in Sweden. We can import products from anywhere in the world. You want to be able to sleep peacefully at night, knowing that the right company is dealing with all challenges in Sweden in a compliant and transparent way

Knowledgeable Exporter of Record EOR in Sweden

Export from Sweden is since April 2020 not simple anymore. You either have to establish your own entity in Sweden or use a local EOR Exporter of Record. Extensive knowledge of the Customs regulations is required and a local team able to develop a compliant, workable solution for you. NH Logistics NED is able and ready to work as your Exporter of Record and will ensure that your goods will be exported from Sweden in a compliant and transparent way

Trustworthy DDP Delivered Duty Paid services in Sweden

If your clients expect you to offer Incoterm DDP Sweden, you need a local entity to deal with all Customs and compliance related issues. Not only arranging the freight, but also the actual import of the goods into Sweden becomes your responsibility if the Incoterm is DDP. Without your own local entity that is not possible unless you use NH Logistics NED as your IOR and let us take care of all importing issues. We can look after FOC Free Of Charge shipments (repair, replacement) but also we  frequently deal with commercial transactions whereby our company sells the goods to the local client and collects payment

DAP Delivered At Place services in Sweden

Delivering goods to Sweden is not really difficult. You can ship goods by air, sea, rail or by road. Many providers offer such services. But when your Incoterm is DAP and goods travel by air, most of these providers give up. They do not have the local ability and capacity to undertake Customs clearance, pay for airport handling charges and deliver to your client anywhere in the country. NH Logistics NED is based in Venlo, employs Dutch staff and can look after your needs in the European Union

Customs clearance in Sweden

Our staff has ample experience with a multitude of products including IT equipment, machinery, textiles and spare parts. Let NH Logistics NED deal with all Customs related matters and be sure that your goods will pass Customs in the shortest possible time. We give you access to specialist knowledge and expertise in compliance

Offical LanguageSwedish
Population10,4 million
Area450,295 km2
CurrencySwedish Krona SEK
GovernmentUnitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
Nominal GDP529 billion USD
Main Export ProductsCars, Refined Petroleum, Packaged Medicaments
Main Import ProductsCars, Crude Petroleum, Stainless Steel Ingots, Wood Tar
Main Trading PartnersGermany, Norway, USA, Denmark, Finland

Stockholm has a population of 1,0 million people and is the biggest city in Sweden.

Stockholm houses the Ericsson Globe, Stockholm Palace and a beautiful Old Town. Every year, Stockholm hosts the Nobel Price Ceremony.

NH Logistics NED has its office in Venlo, a city where many logistics companies are active, right on the Dutch/German border.

Our highly qualified team is ready to assist you, ensuring that your business in Sweden can be successful too!


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    Holidays in Sweden

    New Year’s Day
    Good Friday
    Easter Sunday
    Easter Monday
    May Day
    Ascension Day
    National Day
    Midsummer Day
    All Saints’ Day
    Christmas Day
    2nd Day of Christmas