Compliant IOR EOR Services in United Kingdom

We offer compliant, affordable solutions for businesses looking to import goods into our region but who do not have a direct presence; through NH Logistics NED you can import your products and provide after sales support service to your clients in United Kingdom.

Advantages of choosing NH Logistics NED as an Importer of Record

As your full-service logistics partner, NH Logistics NED will:

  • undertake the compliance assessments for your shipment. As Importer of Record we are responsible for Customs- and Tax Declarations at the time of import.
  • obtain all necessary import licenses and permits. We ensure full payment of all duties, fees and other taxes.
  • keep and maintain all records for the minimum duration required by Dutch law.

Just think about the effort and expense you would have to endure to import a few shipments per year into United Kingdom! We take all this hassle out of your hands.


IOR EOR The Netherlands

Reliable Importer of Record IOR services in United Kingdom

If you dealt with United Kingdom before, you understand how important it is to use a reliable IOR provider. You want to be able to sleep peacefully at nights, knowing that the right company is dealeng with all challenges in United Kingdom in a compliant and transparent way.
Our company is your perfect partner for shipments to for example Amazon in Europe. We can work with your EORi; alternatively we can offer you our EORi to import

The Netherlands IOR EOR DDP

Knowledgeable Exporter of Record EOR in United Kingdom

Export from United Kingdom is also not so simple. Extensive knowledge of the Customs regulations is required and a local team able tp develop a compliant, workable solution for you. We are able and ready to work as you Exporter of Record and will ensure that your goods will be exported in a compliant and transparent way

IOR EOR DDP Service in The Netherlands

Trustworthy DDP Delivered Duty Paid services in United Kingdom

An increasing number of clients in United Kingdom expect you as the seller to look after all logistics aspects of your transactions. Not only the freight, but also the actual import of the goods into United Kingdom. Without your own local entity that is not possible unless you use United Kingdom as your IOR and let us take care of all importing issues. We can look after FOC Free Of Charge shipments but also we frequently with commercial transactions whereby our company sells the goods to the local UK client and collects payment

IOR EOR Services The Netherlands

Customs clearance in United Kingdom

NH Logistics NED offers IOR (Importer Of Record) services to non-EU resident companies You are a non-EU based company (valid for UK companies after BREXIT as well) and you have the requirement to sell your goods on DDP terms to customers in the EU?

Be aware that some marketplaces only accept DDP deliveries. According to Incoterms 2020 and the new UCC (Union Customs Codex) the consignee cannot act as importer of record (IOR). As clearance can only be done by using a customs number (EORI) of an EU resident company, you need a professional partner who will act for your company

IOR EOR Services United Kingdom
Capital London
Offical Language English
Population 68 million
Area 242,495 km2
Currency Pound Sterling GBP
Government Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
NH Logistics United Kingdom
Nominal GDP  3,1 trillion USD
Main Export Products Cars, Gas Tubines, Gold, Crude Petroleum
Main Import Products Gold, Cars, Refines Petroleum, Broadcasting Equipment
Main Trading Partners China, Germany, United States, Netherland, France

With a population of 9 million people, London is the largest city in the United Kingdom.

London has many famous landmarks such as Tower Bridge, Canary Wharf, London Eye and Trafalgar Square.

NH Logistics UK has its office Wembley.

Our highly qualified team is ready to assist you, ensuring that your business in United Kingdom can be successful too!


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