Cars worth $12.7 million exported from Armenia in January-June

723 passenger cars worth $12.7 million were exported from Armenia in the first half of 2022, Armenpress reports citing the State Revenue Committee.
In the same period last year, 126 passenger cars worth $1.6 million were shipped abroad from the country.

The automobile market in Armenia is booming, which is connected with the sanctions against Russia, where car prices have increased, including the fact that dealers do not produce cars there, even if they maintain their presence in Russia, chairman of the Association of Official Automobile Distributors of Armenia Artyom Petrosyan told journalists on Friday.

“There are two types of certification that cars have to go through before they can be operated.

One type of certification is “Vehicle Approval,” which is provided by the automaker.

The other type of certification is the “Wheeled Vehicle Certificate,” which must be issued to used vehicles. According to the accepted norms, the car must pass tests before it is put into market circulation. In Russia, this was strict before the sanctions were introduced, but then they relaxed the requirements. This also affects the demand for cars from abroad,” said Petrosyan.

He attributed the outflow of cars from Armenia to the desire to meet the demand of Russian buyers.

After Belarus, Kazakhstan and Georgia, Armenia is the fourth auto exporter to Russia. More than 6% of Russian demand was satisfied with Armenia.

At the same time the expert reminded about the strict regulations of the car import in the EAEU, which Armenia also has to follow.

Petrosyan urged to work within the EAEU legislation in order to avoid problems in the future.

He did not rule out that in 2023 the customs rates for imported vehicles may change.

“So far such a decision has not been made, but if it is made, it is necessary to warn in advance and establish a transitional period for business entities, as importing a car is a long process,” Petrosyan stressed.

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