In 2022, exports from Armenia increased by 54.4% and imports by 33.8%

Armenia’s exports increased by 54.4% in 2022 and imports by 33.8%, according to the Armenian government’s report on the progress and results of the implementation of its plan of actions in 2022.

Armenian exports calculated in the national currency, the dram, amounted to about 2.3 trillion (about $5.4 billion), while imports amounted to over 3.7 trillion (about $8.8 billion).

According to the National Statistical Committee, exports in January-December 2022 rose 77.7% to $5 billion 360 million from the year before.

In December 2022 exports were down 5.7% compared to November, but were almost 90.2% higher compared to December 2021. In dram equivalent, exports in January-December 2022 amounted to about 2.3 trillion drams.

Imports during the reporting period amounted to about $8.8 billion, recording an increase of 63.5% compared to January-December 2021.

In December 2022, imports rose by 1.6% compared to November. They increased by 60.2% compared to December 2021. In dram equivalent, imports in January-December 2022 were worth more than 3.7 trillion drams. ($1 – 387.94 drams).

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