In first 5 months of 2022, about $76 million worth of goods imported to Armenia from Turkey

Over the first 5 months of the current year, goods worth about $76 million were imported from Turkey to Armenia, the Statistical Committee’s press service informed Armenian

The January imports were $7.9 million, February – $14.9 million, March – $18.2 million, April – $17.8 million and May – $17.3 million.

It is noteworthy that for the entire year of 2021, a total of $73 million worth of goods were imported from Turkey to Armenia, while for the same period in 2020 – only $7.6 million. In other words, the increase was 10-fold.

From 1 January 2022, the Armenian government lifted the embargo on imports of Turkish products. However, before the 44-day war in Karabakh, Armenia annually imported goods from Turkey worth 250-270 million dollars.

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