According to Georgian Economy minister, the country can play the leading role in the connection between South Caucasus, Central Asia and EU

According to Georgian economy minister Levan Davitashvili, the country could play the “leading” role in the process of connecting the countries of the South Caucasus and Central Asian regions with the European Union.
As the European Commissioner for Energy and Adina Vălean, the Commissioner for Transport said making the comment following the meeting between Davitashvili and Kadri Simson, Georgia had “confidence and unconditional historical advantages” to fulfil the role.
A “very important work” done by the Georgian government throughout the past year to ensure Central Asian states and to “closely connect” Azerbaijan and other regional states with the EU was highlighted by the minister.
According to him, Georgia could also play an “important role” in the economic security and development of Europe.
According to Davitashvili, alternative sources of energy supply are being looked for by Europe, as well as alternative routes for the European economy in general, alternative connection with Asia and main trade partners – in this regard, Georgia can become an important and reliable partner, which the country is able to do today, and the potential of this cooperation is even greater.
It was stressed by the Georgian official that sectoral integration was an “important prerequisite” for the country to finally become a full member of the EU.
Davitashvili said that the European Commissioners noted that Georgia has fulfilled more than 60 percent of its obligations defined by the agreement [with the EU] on the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area, and recognized it as an important prerequisite for Georgia’s progress towards EU membership to continue.

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