EU’s trade support for Ukraine is extended with safeguards for EU farmers

A provisional agreement on extending trade liberalization measures for Ukraine in the face of Russia’s war of aggression was reached by the EU Parliament and Council on Wednesday.
EP stated that they will renew the temporary suspension of import duties and quotas on Ukrainian agricultural exports to the EU for another year, until 5 June 2025, to support Ukraine amidst Russia’s continuing war of aggression.
At the same time, swift action can be taken and any measures can be imposed by the European Commission in case if Ukrainian imports make any significant disruption to the EU market or the markets of one or more EU countries.
The current regulation admits the application of an “emergency brake” “for particularly sensitive agricultural products, namely poultry, eggs, and sugar.” MEPs promised that oats, maize, groats, and honey won’t be included in this list.
Firm commitments from the European Commission to take action if there is a surge of Ukrainian imports of wheat were also attained.
They will re –impose tariffs if imports of these products exceed the average volume of the previous two years.
According to Sandra Kalniete (EPP, Latvia), EU’s continued commitment to stand by Ukraine in the face of Russia’s brutal war of aggression until Ukraine’s victory is reinforced by this agreement.
Meanwhile, EU farmers’ concern made the European Parliament expand protective measures to reduce the pressure on the agricultural sector in the event of a sudden surge in Ukrainian imports.
Autonomous trade measures allowing duty-free access for all Ukrainian goods introduced by the EU after Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine were extended for 12 months in 2023.
Farmers are protesting against agro imports from Ukraine in several EU member states, including Poland.
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