“Fruitful” economic relations were highlighted by Georgian and Chinese officials, future ties are discussed

Otar Shamugia, the Georgian Agriculture Minister, and Cao Derong, the President of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Import and Export of Foodstuffs, Native Produce and Animal By-Products, had a meeting on Wednesday and highlighted close and fruitful economic cooperation between China and Georgia and future ties between the countries.
According to Georgia’s Agriculture Ministry, the officials met in Shanghai where Shamugia hoped to establish Georgian wine, with its “8,000 years of development history”, in the Chinese market in a “competitive, premium segment category”.
He said that wine is an integral part of Georgian culture, just like tea is for China. The importance of specific products is considered not only as an export product, but as a part of our country’s identity.
The role of China’s Chamber of Commerce in increasing exports of Georgian wine to the Chinese market was also highlighted by the official also.
According to Derong, the exports of Georgian wine attained about $10 million between January-September, and the “largest amount of wine” among Central Asian countries was exported to China.
The exports through showcase of alcoholic beverages and other agriculture products from Georgia at the China International Import Expo, running in Shanghai are hoped for further success.
The role of free trade between their countries in further deepening ties between the countries was also noted by the sides.

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