Georgia’s freight turnover increased after modernization.

According to the report of Georgian-based non-governmental organization Society and Banks, revenues from transport services in Georgia would increase by about $150 million in April compared to 2021 and exceed $960 million in the ongoing year.
As Georgian Railway Director General Davit Peradze announced on Business Morning TV program on Monday, about 21 more million tons of cargo will be carried annually by Georgian Railway after the completion of the modernization of the network in the country.
According to Peradze, 27 million tons of freight is carried by the company per year, and an annual load reaches 12-13 million tons (the figure would attain 48 million after the modernization).
The local business online media outlet cited Peradze: “The growth trend of the Georgian Railway has not stopped for the last four years, with a “record rate” of 10 percent increase observed in freight in 2021”.
The challenges the company is facing, including the lack of locomotives, an upgrade of the existing fleet, and further improvements to railway tracks, were also spoken about.
A profit of ₾23.5 million had been generated by the Georgian Railway in the first quarter of this year, according to the Director General.
The reports of the company announce a profit of ₾52,711 ($18,399/€17,179) in 2021 following four years of operating losses, with the consolidated revenue of the company reaching ₾547,868 ($191,237/€178,458) last year, compared to ₾489,370 ($170,818/€159,369) in 2020, in addition to about ₾164,000 ($57,245/€53,381) of losses.

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