Improvement of business climate in Moldova is backed by International Finance Corporation

The meeting between Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita and representatives of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) – one of those five international financial institutions, member of the World Bank Group – took place today. According to the government’s communication and protocol department, projects underway and new perspectives of developing the cooperation between Moldova and IFC were the main topic of the discussions.
The results of the study of diagnosing the private sector of Moldova, carried out by the World Bank in the private sector, as well as the need of increasing the number of private companies from Moldova, which are to make qualitative business and to have as many jobs as possible, were particularly referred to by the sides. Ways of enforcing the provisions of the law on insolvency were also analyzed by the participants of the meeting.
Moldova’s benefited from consultancy on behalf of the International Finance Corporation within the project and the reform of the investment climate in Moldova, Phase II, with a budget of 3.8 million dollars was also mentioned by the officials during the discussions. The increase of the agricultural exports, through the opening of the European Union’s market for the animal origin products (fowl, eggs, milk and dairy products) and strengthening the export capacities of the horticultural sector are the goals of the project.
15 active projects are presently included in the World Bank’s portfolio in Moldova. Modernization of the health sector and the governmental services, enhancing of the competitiveness of the agro-food sector and improvement the local roads are planned to be achieved by their carrying out. The education’s reform, Moldova’s energy security, security of water and sanitation supply in the country, as well as the enhancement of the competitiveness of the micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises are regarded by other projects.

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