Kazakhstan’s ambition to become transport and logistics hub are welcomed by EU

According to the ministry’s press service, Hors Classe Adviser of the European Commission Henrik Hololei said at the meeting with Kazakh Deputy Foreign Minister Nazira Nurbayeva held on Oct. 19 that Kazakhstan’s aspiration to become a transportation and logistics hub are supported by the European Union (EU).
Hololei said that participation in infrastructure projects and the attraction of private investments are offered to Kazakhstan by the EU to help the country achieve this goal.
Utilizing Kazakhstan’s transport and logistics capacity, increasing transport sector harmonization in Central Asia and the Caucasus and promoting aviation cooperation became the main goals of the actions to diversify transit routes between Asia and Europe.
Delivering major railway projects and building new logistics facilities to improve the competitiveness of Kazakhstan were emphasized by Nurbayeva.
Measures to improve transport connectivity between Central Asia and the EU were elaborated and optimal transport links between Central Asia and the EU Trans-European Transport Network were identified, as the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development study suggested.

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