Penalties for truck overloading are to be tightened by Armenia

A fine will have to be paid in Armenia for each ton of excess weight by companies and legal entities involved in the transportation of goods if the vehicles in their possession are overloaded. This was said on Wednesday by Armen Danielyan, the acting head of the Office for the Coordination of Inspection Authorities of the Prime Minister’s Office, at the meeting of the parliamentary standing committee on economic issues in the National Assembly during the discussion of the bill on amendments to the Code of Administrative Offences.
According to him, they will impose the fine only in certain cases, for example, in case of the trucks’ appearance on the roads or highways of national importance. Meanwhile, it was clarified by Danielyan that such a penalty mechanism already exists and they successfully use it in the republic. Its only drawback is that the overload of a particular vehicle is not taken into account while imposing the above-mentioned fine. It means that they don’t take into account the weight on the part of inspection officials, so, the limit specified by the current legislation can be significantly exceeded, and the offender may subsequently pay only a one-time fine.
They propose to impose a fine for every extra ton of cargo, what will make it huge. According to the official, it will be 200 thousand drams for each ton, while at the moment the level of violation is not taken into account when they pay the amount.
Danielyan assured that the asphalt surface of the republic’s roads will be maintained at the proper level of quality and will be ridded of accelerated wear and tear by the stricter legislation. This process is significantly accelerated by the large weight of bulky vehicles loaded with various kinds of products. Additional costs from the state arise from there, as an impressive amount of money is required for the proper maintenance of highways.
A positive conclusion of the parliamentary commission was received by the legislative initiative after a relatively short discussion.

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