Since 2022 over 136 mln tonnes of goods have been exported and 52 mln tonnes have been imported by Ukraine through Solidarity Lanes

According to the European Commission, the Solidarity Lanes have let Ukraine export over 136 million tonnes of grain, ore and steel and import over 52 million tonnes of goods, including fuel, vehicles and fertilizers, as well as military and humanitarian assistance since 2022.
As the European Commission said, the lanes supplement the Black Sea route unilaterally created by Ukraine in autumn 2023 and go through the Danube region, Poland, the Baltic countries and the Adriatic region.
The Adriatic Sea has a special significance for Ukrainian agricultural exports, while the Danube and Polish-Baltic lanes are crucial for all imports.
Over 2 billion euros have been allotted for the lanes by the European Union and international financial institutions and the training of river pilots has been paid for by the European Union. Such cooperation improved information exchange with Ukrainian ports and raised security and shipping capacity of the Danube.
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