Special duty on rose imports is to be revised by Ukraine

According to the Uryadovy Kuryer newspaper, revision of special measures on exports and imports of fresh cut roses to Ukraine, regardless of the country of origin, has been initiated by Ukraine’s Interdepartmental Commission on International Trade on April 12, due to the expiration of their terms. The decision came into force on April 17.
Extension of the special duty on imports of roses to Ukraine, which was introduced three years ago, was proposed by Ascania-Flora LLC. In the first year, it reached 56%, 44.8% in the second and 35.84% in the third.
These special measures had a positive impact on the domestic producer’s activity, but they also caused a significant damage to it.
According to the Interdepartmental Commission on International Trade, the information contained in the Ascania-Flora’s request showed that the domestic producer was adapting to the competitive environment.
So, it introduced the special duty on imports of roses on April 16, 2021.
The Ukrainian State Statistics Committee reports that imports of fresh cut roses to Ukraine reached 470,080 pieces, or 20.6 tons, in January-February. 392,430 pieces made Ethiopia the main supplier. Kenya, Ecuador, the Netherlands, and Colombia were included in the list of other suppliers.
72,650 roses were exported by Ukraine to Lithuania and Moldova in January-February.
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