Trans-Caspian International Transport Route development is discussed by Government

According to Kazinform, a meeting of the Government has been held by Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov to discuss the measures of development of the Trans-Caspian International Transport Route (TITR). A twofold reduction of the terms of transit cargo transportation via the territory of Kazakhstan (from 12 to 6 days) was emphasized by the participants of the meeting. They expect this indicator to reach 5 days in 2023. They have already reduced the terms of cargo transportation from China to the Black Sea ports via the Trans-Caspian International Transport Route from 38-53 to 19-23 days, and it will reach 14-18 days at the end of 2023. The joint work of the member-countries on the elimination of ‘sticking points’ on the route, the introduction of through rates and the implementation of other measures made this progress possible. The measures of further modernization of Kazakhstan’s railroad infrastructure, renewing rolling stock, and expanding the merchant marine and capacities of the Aktau and Kuryk seaports were also discussed at the meeting. The plans of creating a container hub in Aktau, renewing the transshipping vehicles fleet, renovating oil-loading terminals, as well as building a new mooring and multi-functional and grain terminals in the Kuryk Port were announced by the participants. 10 petro-barges, eight ferries, six tankers and container ships are expected to operate on the Caspian Sea until 2030. The preparation of an agreement between Kazakhstan and China on the TITR development aimed at simplification of customs procedures and approval of guaranteed volumes of transportations via the route was another topic raised at the meeting. The task given by the Prime Minister was to accelerate the procedure of harmonization of the document by the relevant governmental authorities of Kazakhstan for its further discussion at the inter-state level.

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