Azerbaijan’s foreign trade turnover grows in 2M2021

Azerbaijan’s foreign trade turnover increased from January through February 2022, Trend reports via the State Customs Committee (SCC).

According to the committee, this figure amounted to $7.94 billion, up by $3.54 billion (44.58 percent) compared to the first two months of 2021 ($4.4 billion).

Besides, $5.9 billion in the foreign trade turnover from January through February this year fell on exports, up by $3.18 billion (almost 2.15 times) compared to 2M2021.

In the reporting period, the share of exports in the foreign trade turnover amounted to 75.16 percent against 63.36 percent in the first two months of last year.

Meanwhile, Azerbaijan’s imports rose by $361 million (18.27 percent), from $1.6 billion (recorded in 2M2021) to $1.9 billion. The imports’ share in the foreign trade turnover totaled 24.84 percent against 36.64 percent in 2M2021.

As a result, the positive balance of the foreign trade turnover increased on annual basis by more than $2.8 billion, or almost 3.4 times, up to over $3.9 billion against $1.17 billion recorded from January through February last year.

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