Exports to non-EU countries in August 2023: expected decrease of 1.7% on July 2023

Exports to third countries (calendar and seasonally adjusted exports of goods), August 2023
58.4 billion euros
-1.7% on the previous month
-4.3% on the same month a year earlier

Exports to third countries (original values, exports of goods), August 2023
57.4 billion euros
-4.3% on the same month a year earlier

WIESBADEN – On a calendar and seasonally adjusted basis, German exports to countries outside the European Union (third countries) decreased by 1.7% in August 2023 compared with July 2023. According to provisional data of the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), Germany exported goods to the value of 58.4 billion euros to these countries in August 2023, after seasonal and calendar adjustment.

Exports to non-EU countries
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seasonally adjusted values (X13-Arima), billion euros
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