Uzbekistan and Germany: A new round of cooperation

Today, the locomotive of long-term and stable development of Uzbekistan is a powerful textile industry, which was the basis for the formation of the Republic as a center of regional textile production.

And in this regard, the work of the industry is focused on creating conditions for intensifying the innovative development of the textile industry, increasing the national significance of the industry and its image in the world community.

The global community is faced with the challenge of shaping the socially oriented development of the industry, which implies, among other things, increasing the traceability and transparency of value creation in the textile and apparel and knitwear industry throughout the entire value chain and to all types of activities.

These days, within the framework of the Days of the Thuringian Economy in Uzbekistan, a delegation of the Federal Land of Thuringia headed by the Secretary of State of the First Deputy Minister of Economy, Science and Digitalization of Thuringia Carsten Feller is staying in Tashkent.

As part of the visit of the delegation, a significant meeting of the German delegation and the leadership of the association took place today at the Uztekstilprom association.

At the meeting, the chairman of the association made a presentation of the industry, where he outlined the latest achievements of the industry, such as the growth in exports of textile products – US$3.2 billion, which is 16.4% of the total exports of the republic, while more than 500 thousand people are involved in the industry . The coverage of export countries has also expanded significantly to 74 countries, including EU countries. Separately, it was noted that Germany, through the implementation of versatile projects, assists in the development of the industry and the entry of Uzbekistan into world markets.

According to State Secretary Karsten Feller, Uzbekistan, in particular the way of development of its textile industry, is an example for other countries. He proposed to further expand the areas of cooperation in technology transfer and in the field of scientific research of the textile industry.

But an important event in the life of both countries in terms of further enhancing cooperation and development of the textile industry was the signing of the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement between the Association Uztekstilprom and the Thuringian Institute for Textile and Polymer Research, as well as statements on mutual membership of the Thuringian Institute for Textile and Polymer Research and the Association Uztekstilprom.

It should be noted that the Thuringian Institute for Textile and Polymer Research (TITK) is one of the leading research institutes in Germany with a modern technological park. TITK develops innovative raw materials and fibers, including synthetic or complete manufacturing processes, and conducts technology research in the field of digital textiles. Membership in TITC will allow you to participate in meetings of the Scientific Advisory Board and receive assistance in training specialists and teaching research methods.

Following the negotiations, the parties agreed on the implementation of joint projects and their implementation at the enterprises of the textile industry of Uzbekistan, as well as on ensuring communication with other research institutes and companies to develop new or improved materials for future innovative products, also on the participation of the Thuringian Textile Research Institute and polymers in UzTextile Expo 2023 (German pavilion in Tashkent from 29 to 31 May 2023).

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