Cargo transit via Kazakhstan increases

Kazakhstan has great plans for establishing transnational hubs, deputy chairman of the Transport Committee of the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development Kassym Tlepov said at the Kazakhstan Global Investment Roundtable, Kazinform reports. $35bln have been invested in Kazakhstan’s transport sector in the past 15 years. 2,500km of railroads and 13,000km of motor roads have been built. Kazakhstan has great plans for forming trans-border hubs, and for increasing the potential of North-South, East-West transport corridors,” he said. The Dry Port located on the Kazakh-Chinese border has opened a new stage in development of Eurasian trans-continental transportations, he added.
In his words, transit indicators are rising today.
123mln 700 thousand tonnes of cargo were transported by railroad in 2021.
3mln500 thousand tonnes of them are exports, 19mln 200 thousand are imports and 21mln tonnes are transit. As for European countries, 6mln500 thousand tonnes of goods were exported, 122,600 tonnes were imported and 3mln500thousand tonnes fall on transit,” Kassym Tlepov clarified. The export of goods through Russia to the European Union countries reached 6mln200 thousand tonnes in nine months of 2022.

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