Mutual trade of Kazakhstan with the countries of the EAEU increased by 4.1%

In January-June2023 the mutual trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan with EAEU countries amounted to13843.1million US dollars, which in nominal terms is 4.1% more than in January-June2022, Bureau of National Statistics reports. In January-June2023export of goods amounted to 5430.1million US dollars (increased on 36.8%), import – 8413million US dollars (decreased on 9.9%). In general volume of external trade turnover of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the countries of the EAEU falls to the Russian Federation – 91.9%, then follows the Kyrgyz Republic – 4.6%, the Republic of Belarus – 3.3%, the Republic of Armenia – 0,2%.

The largest share in exports with the EAEU countriesis occupied bymachinery, equipment, vehicles, tools-28.1%, followed by products of the chemical and related industries -25.5%. The structure of imports from the EAEU countries is dominated by products of animal and vegetable origin, prepared foodfills – 20%, metals and articles of them – 18.9%, as well as machinery, equipment, vehicles, tools – 18%.

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